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Viennese Opera Ball – japanese

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One of the most famous annual events in Vienna is the Ball at the Viennese Opera House, the “Opernball”

People all over the world show great interest in this top-event of the Viennese carnival season.
This year, the Japanese TV-station NHK produces a 50-minute documentary about the “Wiener Opernball.”
Nana, a young presenter visits Vienna. It is not only that she enjoys a fascinating night at the Opera Ball.  Her report also covers  the manyfold preparations that make this event possible. She takes her Japanese TV-audience on a backstage trip, shows the metamorphosis to the opera house into an extraordinary ballroom, visits the florists in Salzburg, has a interview about the TV-coverage with the DOP of the Austrian Broadcasting ORF, and tastes “Käsekrainer” , a typical Austrian sausage at the sausage stand next to the opera house.
More than that, the famous Austrian opera singer Birgit Sarata and a young debutee are protagonists in this sophistically produced documentary.

Wolfgang and Sylvia Bachschwell recorded location sound and supported the three camera teams at their work  in Vienna and Salzburg.

Additional locations were the Café Landtmann,  the (City)Palais Liechtenstein, and the dreamy narrow streets of Vienna’s inner district.