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Who we are

We are a team of enthusiasts


Wolfgang Bachschwell


Sylvia Bachschwell

And many more…

In the years we’ve met an astonishing amount of people that have been working with us. ThisĀ  network and contact base helps us to find the right team for any kind of event, production or long term work.


What we do

We are a film production company and audio studio in Vienna, specialised in Industrie and Technologie. Our Skills go from Imagefilm to Multicam and cover a broad range of different branches.


From fully featured Imagefilms for your company to newsflashes and short clips for Facebook and Social Media. We can provide you with a complete service. Filming, editing, and voiceovers can all be done in-house. Our main focus is good client communication and enshuring a seamless shoot.


Voice recordings have been one of our main focus areas since the founding of this company. As profesionally trained voice-talents we have a lot of experience in the field. Voice recording, voice directing and mixing all happen in our studio. Of course we are also well equiped for band and music recordings.


Since we exchanged our OB Van for a more portable setup we have been able to bring multicamera production to almost any kind of location. From Hospitals to theaters we have the right equipment and experience to do live production and editing while ensuring the best quality.

Here is a short overview of just some of our projects:

PLUS Orthopedics
Traktionssysteme Austria – Company Newsflashes

Who we are working for


years of experience

And many more!


Our Equipment

We have a fully fledged studio, a large amount of light and audio equipment and modern cameras

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